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June 2019 Newsletter


Informal Meditation Practice - Unitarian Church of Barnstable, Route 6A, in Barnstable Village. We meet in the Library, behind the Sanctuary, upstairs. Tuesday mornings 7:45-9:15 a.m. Chanting, sitting and walking meditation, and discussions. Newcomers especially welcome!


Friday Book Discussion – Once a month book discussion. Date, time and place will be discussed at Tuesday Unitarian Church Practice.


CCZC Formal Meditation Practice – at CCZC, 169 North Main Street, South Yarmouth

Sunday mornings 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. – chanting, sitting/walking meditation

Thursday evenings 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. – Chanting, two periods of sitting/walking meditation.

Interviews every Thursday evening except for the last Thursday of the month - a Dharma Talk and Q & A (May, 5/30; June – 6/27).


Meditation Instruction – For Meditation Instruction, please see Senior Dharma Teachers Ann or Mark.


June CCZC Events – Half Day Long Sitting – 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 29th, at CCZC in South Yarmouth; further information:

CCZC Long Sitting

Saturday, June 29th, 9:00 a.m. to noon

Please join us for a “long sitting” – chanting and sitting - on Saturday 6/29.

No fee for this, but donations gratefully accepted.

Questions? – Please see Ann or Mark.


Future CCZC Events – 1) Sat, 8/17 – One Day Retreat at CCZC with our Guiding Teacher, Terry Cronin JDPSN; 2) Sun, 8/18 - DT/DTIT Training with Terry PSN


The Plymouth Zen Group (PZG)

The Plymouth Zen Group (PZG), under the leadership of Senior Dharma Teacher Craig Richards, PZG Abbot, meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at 26 North Street, in downtown Plymouth, MA.  PZG already has a large, active group; come to Plymouth and sit with us!  The Plymouth Zen Group web site is:

Plymouth Zen Group June Events – PZG Dharma Talk and PZG Consulting Interviews – please see PZG web site (


Our School - The Kwan Um School of Zen web site is


Not yet a Kwan Um School of Zen Member? We encourage and invite you to join CCZC and the Kwan Um School Zen as one way to keep the Center and its sangha and their practice strong well into the future.    If you print out the form to join, please put “Cape Cod” in Zen Center or Group.   Thanks!!


Abbot' s Corner: We had a wonderful One Day Retreat, in late April, with Matt Keeler JDPSN. And May featured a well-attended Cape Cod Pan-Buddhist Gathering in Hyannis on the 11th; Mark gave a Talk on Chanting. Summer Kyol Che at Providence Zen Center will be July 6th to August 2nd. There will be a Precepts Ceremony in early August, at Providence Zen Center; if you are interested in taking Precepts, please see Senior Dharma Teachers Craig, Ann, or Mark. We especially encourage you to sit retreats with our Guiding Teacher, Terry Cronin JDPSN.        Yours in the Dharma, Jim


Teachers’ Teaching - Heaven and Hell

Hakuin, the fiery and intensely dynamic Zen master, was once visited by a samurai warrior.
"I want to know about heaven and hell," said the samurai. "Do they really exist?" he asked Hakuin.
Hakuin looked at the soldier and asked, "Who are you?"
"I am a samurai," announced the proud warrior.
" Ha!" exclaimed Hakuin. "What makes you think you can understand such insightful things? You don’t look like a Samurai; you look like a beggar. Go away and do not waste my time with your foolish questions," Hakuin said, waving his hand to drive away the samurai.
The enraged samurai couldn’t take Hakuin’s insults. He drew his sword, readied for the kill, when Hakuin calmly retorted, "This is hell."
The soldier was taken aback. His face softened. Humbled by the wisdom of Hakuin, he put away his sword and bowed before the Zen Master.
"And this is heaven," Hakuin stated, just as calmly.


True beauty comes from our not-moving mind. In Sanskrit, it's called samadhi, which means deep meditation, unmoving. When your mind is not moving, everything is beautiful, just as it is. If your mind is moving, however, then even if a beautiful picture, a beautiful landscape, or beautiful things appear in front of you, this view quickly changes in your mind, and does not seem so beautiful. For example, when you are angry, or sad, or depressed, then even the birds chirping right outside your window sound irritating or depressing. Because you attach to feelings or outside conditions, whenever these feelings or outside conditions change, then your mind is constantly changing, changing, changing. You lose your center. Then even a beautiful landscape may seem ugly or revolting. So the most important thing is to keep a not-moving mind, moment to moment. Then you can perceive true beauty, and you can digest your understanding so that it can become wisdom.                                                                   Zen Master Seung Sahn


CCZC Guiding Teacher: Dharma Master Terry Cronin JDPSN

CCZC Abbot: Bodhisattva Teacher Jim Calvin

CCZC Vice Abbot: Senior Dharma Teacher Ann Miller

PZG Abbot: Senior Dharma Teacher Craig Richards     PZG 781-733-9361

Cape Cod Zen Center

169 North Main Street, South Yarmouth, MA 02664 •


Questioner: How are we to treat others?

Ramana Maharishi: There are no others.