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October 2018 Newsletter


Informal Meditation Practice - Unitarian Church of Barnstable, Route 6A, in Barnstable Village. We meet in the Library, behind the Sanctuary, upstairs. Tuesday mornings 8:00-9:15 a.m. Chanting, sitting and walking meditation, and discussions. Newcomers especially welcome!


CCZC Formal Meditation Practice – at CCZC, 169 North Main Street, South Yarmouth

Sunday mornings 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. – chanting, sitting/walking meditation

Thursday evenings 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. – Chanting, two periods of sitting/walking meditation.

Interviews every Thursday evening except for the last Thursday of the month - a Dharma Talk and Q & A (October – 10/25).

NOTE – Tuesday evening and Friday evening practices CANCELLED, effective immediately.


Meditation Instruction – For Meditation Instruction at Cape Cod Zen Center: please set up an appointment by e-mailing us at


October CCZC Events – Monday, October 1st at 6:30 p.m. at CCZC – the annual CCZC Board of Directors meeting; many important issues to be discussed, including DT/DTIT training, retreats and meeting with our Guiding Teacher, and practice schedule (which may change – your input and feedback needed!).

Future CCZC Events – TBA


The Plymouth Zen Group (PZG)

The Plymouth Zen Group (PZG), under the leadership of Senior Dharma Teacher Craig Richards, PZG Abbot, meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. at 26 North Street, in downtown Plymouth, MA.  PZG already has a large, active group; come to Plymouth and sit with us!  The Plymouth Zen Group web site is:

Plymouth Zen Group October Events – PZG Dharma Talk and PZG Consulting Interviews – to be announced; see PZG web site (


Our School - The Kwan Um School of Zen web site is


Abbot' s Corner: We had an eventful September. We had a wonderful One Day Retreat, led by our Guiding Teacher, Terry Cronin JDPSN, on the 15th. We had a very productive meeting on DT/DTIT training, with Guiding Teacher Terry on the 23rd. And we had work practice on Saturday the 15th; 7 of us got CCZC “clean and spiffy”! Our Board of Directors meeting will be at 6:30 p.m., on Monday, October 1st at CCZC; an important meeting; anyone is welcome (but only Board members can vote on issues). There will be a Precepts ceremony in early December, at Providence Zen Center; please see Jim or Craig if you wish information about, or are interested in taking, Precepts. We especially encourage you to sit retreats with our Guiding Teacher, Terry PSN. Come to CCZC practice, and see/use our new comfy chairs!       Yours in the Dharma, Jim


Teacher’s Teaching:  Not Knowing is Buddha by Zen Master Wu Bong

So you have a choice in this life; you can become an expert, or you can “not know” and become Buddha. Again this brings us to practicing. No matter what anybody says and no matter how well anything can be explained; it is finally all up to you. The wonderful thing about Buddha’s teaching is that Buddha taught us not to accept something just because a wise person or an expert said it. Don’t accept something because a holy book says it is true, or because of tradition. You must find the truth for yourself. Everyone has that capacity. 
You came to a Dharma talk, but no matter how well things are explained and how appealing it may be to you, that alone has no power to change your life. There is a vast gulf between understanding what is being said and actually doing it. That’s why having a big question is very important. If you take care of this question, then it can grow up, grow up, grow up. Then one day this flower can bloom. Then you can say, (slapping his knee) “Ah ha.” This “Ah ha” is not the Buddha’s, is not Zen Master Seung Sahn’s, is not Wu Bong’s, it is all yours. So everybody must find that because this world needs you.


When you are practicing zazen, do not try to stop your thinking. Let it stop by itself. If something comes into your mind, let it come in, and let it go out. It will not stay long. When you try to stop your thinking, it means you are bothered by it. Do not be bothered by anything. It appears as if something comes from outside your mind, but actually it is only the waves of your mind, and if you are not bothered by the waves, gradually they will become calmer and calmer.



CCZC Guiding Teacher: Dharma Master Terry Cronin JDPSN

CCZC Abbot: Bodhisattva Teacher Jim Calvin

CCZC Vice Abbot: Senior Dharma Teacher Ann Miller

PZG Abbot: Senior Dharma Teacher Craig Richards     PZG 781-733-9361

Cape Cod Zen Center

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Fear is the path to the dark side.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads

To hate. Hate leads to suffering.


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